Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Coming Soon: Mols' Bias Game Reviews

     I want to start branching off from fiction writing. I am a journalist, finishing my second term of journalism classes. I've wanted to do this for awhile now.
     In these reviews, I'll be writing about different games I personally play. These games can be older or newer, and bias is defiantly a part of this, because these are games I've had for awhile, and most are ones I love.
      I'll be reviewing games for Nintendo products, PlayStation, and PC. These are the systems I own.
      I don't have GameFly like I've always wanted, and I don't have a lot of money, so I can't buy games for the sake of reviewing. So these all have to be games I'm personally interested in, and still own.
      The first review will most likely be published this week. I've written multiple drafts for many different ideas, so all that's left is to choose a good starter and edit it multiple times.
       If you're interested in games, or are looking into games to (or to not) buy, then I encourage you to check this new series out!

Saturday, June 11, 2016


And just to prove it, here's FOUR sneak peeks, one for each of my stories, even ones not yet revealed!
(Note that these are not final, so anything, be it names, plotlines, ect, will probably be changed.)

Destiny Vale
(Note that in this world, it takes place in a fantasy medieval era, but to make it more relateable to modern times, there are some modern phrases, objects, and so on, examples being coffee and modern slang. Don't worry though, there's no medieval iPhones.)

Eyes blinking open, Kallis groggily emerges from bed. Hir eyes still adjusting to the bright morning light, zi, still half asleep, fumbled forwards over to the kitchen. Once there and mostly awake, zi started buttering some bread. Maybe later they could all go grab some coffee. Speaking of everyone…
"Anyone up?" Kallis mumbled loudly, "Shera? Bryn?" Kallis was not answered.
"Come on, no one's up? Lilik, not even you?"
Kallis walked over closer to the other beds, arranged loosely around each other. Hir tail flickered in annoyance. Kallis was one of the many diverse species inhabiting the Vale, being a humanoid wildcat. Zi had the same tall build as a human, but with feline-like features.
Loud neighing could be heard from outside their elevated house. It was Dunmar, Lilik’s hefty pegasus. At the sound of her mount’s boisterous call, the brunette-haired girl shot up, eyes wide, automatically awake. Her glance shot over at Kallis.
“Oh, morning Kallis!” she called, hopping out of bed and shooting herself at Kallis, making hir practically fall over.
“Just get ready to go already…” Kallis mumbled, getting hir bearings, “all the classes will be over by the time you all get out of the house.”
The academy that the four went to was the unique and only academy in The Vale. It worked in unique ways for people unsure of what they want to pursue later in life, or they couldn’t find a mentor for an apprenticeship. Instead of having certain classes every day, there were bulletins scattered about the grounds, listing all of the classes and activities for that day.
Kallis looked over and saw Felix, Shera’s cat, wandering around the house. Kallis looked over playfully at Lilik, who smirked in agreement, and proceeded to grab Felix gently.
“Agh! I’m up, I’m up!” Shera cried as her cat landed on her chest, his claws unsheathed and poking through her nightdress. Her yellow-blonde hair messy from bedhead, she trudged up, and glared at Lilik, who was giggling loudly. Irritated, Shera flicked her hand outward, creating a blue ball of light, and shot it at Lilik. Lilik’s laughter stopped immediately, and ducked, the ball evaporating behind her. She stood up, adjusting her glasses.

Spirits of Taust

“So what’s the plan, then?” Myra asked, “we can’t exactly just go wandering into the rabbit tribe without a care in the world.” She scratched her claws against the dry dirt in anxiousness.
“We can’t go up to the leaders and inform them either,” Shade warned, “that would start an uproar we don’t need. The tribes would panic, and that could start needless bloodshed.”
“If we don’t do anything, Stone will win though!” Robin shouted angrily, “I’ve seen what he can do! Given the chance, he can and will kill her!”
“You’re all over thinking this,” Talon said nonchalantly, perched on Myra’s shoulder, “we’re not going to find some perfect solution. You’re putting too much weight on yourselves. Do you really think that four random animals who happened to bump into each other are going to miraculously solve the biggest catastrophe the tribes have seen in generations?”

(This one is a bit farther ahead than I hoped, but I edited this clip from as many spoilers as I could.)

“Beta, are you even listening to me?” he asked, trying to get his sister to face him, walking circles around her as she tried to avoid his gaze, “you’re being duped. Cheated. Lied to. They want you in their ranks to make them stronger. It’s not want you think it is.”
“You’re just jealous!” Beta burst out suddenly, after a wave of silence, “I can do whatever I want, okay?”
“Beta, please,” he mumbled, managing to look her in her anxious eyes, “we promised we would watch out for each other. That means trying to keep each other from making stupid decisions. There’s so many things going on behind the scenes. So many mysteries about ourselves we’re still trying to figure out.”
“These people know what’s going on. They could help us figure out what’s going on, don’t you see? I trust them.”
“And I don’t.”
Beta looked hurt, stepping back. “We’ve...we’ve never disagreed before, have we?”
“No,” Delta admitted, trying to coax his sister to listening, “maybe we’ve just seen this from the wrong perspective. There’s something suspicious going on...I’m surprised you didn’t see it. Come on, let’s go back to The Shack.” He lightly grabbed her arm, noting her gaze was away. As he started to pull her away, she glared and shoved his arm off. She said nothing, but kept her glare.
“Beta, what the-”
“No! I’m done with this,” she shouted, “I’m staying there. They...they have a place for me there. I’m sure they have space for you too, if you would just-”
“Beta!” he cried, “you would rather stay with them than me?”
“Now, I didn’t say that-” she started.
“No, that’s exactly what you’re saying,” he said, “just because you met one smiley face-”
“Shut up!” she argued, hands curling into fists.
“Beta, you’re being delusional. You’re coming back with me. I’m sorry.” Blinking away tears, his hands curled into fists.
Part of us knew we would fight one day. We just never saw it coming.

Project: Unnamed. Like seriously, it’s been a year. I need a title.
(Also just a note that I’m very unsure of names. In my earliest records of notes and drafts, I have the two girls as ‘Karren’ and ‘Rin’, but personally I feel as if having them both end in the ‘en’ sound might be unwise.)

“Okay, just be back soon, we still have to write out that chapter before midnight.” Karren called from the couch.
“Of course, dude!” Rin laughed, looking behind her as she opened the door, bag slung over her shoulder, “we haven’t missed our schedule in two years, and that was an actual emergency.”
“Being out of pizza rolls is a very important emergency, of course,” Karren rolled her eyes.
“Hey! Those are creativity fuel for both of us, and you know it!”
“Just pick up the snacks and outfits from the cleaners, and don’t stop for any book signings. There’s only one car, and I don’t want to ride our bike to fetch you gas.”
“Whatever, Karren!” Rin yelled out, half-listening, whamming the door behind.
Karren reached out her phone, starting Spotify and streaming it to the speakers, which reached all around the apartment. With her phone already in hand, she couldn’t help but start looking at Etsy. Before she could hit the favorite on a new Destiny Vale earring set, she heard loud shouting from outside her apartment, near the alley. Crouching down low, she looked out the window, and saw a burly group harassing a young college student. She watched as the student grabbed a can of pepper spray, but was shoved out of their hand. Karren tensed as she saw a gun. Standing up, she knew what she needed to do.
Didn’t think I would have to do this for something so close to home...literally.

She reached under the ottoman for a 5mm handgun.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Current State of Things

Hello, Mols here!

Recently I've gotten out of my hiatus and started writing again. Competitive gaming has been taking a lot of time out of me, but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things.

I'm still trying to work out a stable design for the page. Personally, I have a hard time reading color, or focusing on a page with contrasting color, so I'm attempting to create a page that won't take a toll on anyone with terrible eyesight like yours truly. So don't be surprised if every other time you visit the page, it looks different.

My writing itself is also going through some changes. Design-wise, I'm still trying to find a decent font and size, since I copy-and-paste my stories from Google Drive. My style has also been going through changes, as I'm developing a change in voice, which is mostly due to writing journalistic columns.

Content-wise, Spirits of Taust and Inseparable are in stable development, with Spirits of Taust being the better-made. I may be spitting out SoT chapters faster as well, since again, the plot is more stably developed.

Destiny Vale, if everything goes to plan, will be released THIS SPRING. It is by far the most developed, and I believe you will be happy with the results. It has been taking this long only because I want every bit of it to be perfect.

My fourth story STILL doesn't have a name, mostly because it may be a lesser-developed title, but I believe if everything goes well, it could also have a spring release.

Going deeper, some other titles may be added here. None will compare to the focus and detail of my Main Four, but will still have a decent amount of effort. These include stories I write for practice, fanfiction, columns, and other small projects. These may be added at a later date if I feel some live up to my expectation I put myself up to on this small blog.

Speaking of size, I do fully acknowledge the size of this page. I don't have many views, or expect many in the next few months or years, though I may act like I have many. If you appreciate my stories, please feel free to share this site. The more noticed this blog gets, the more active I will be.

I write an average of twice a day, usually around four hours, and usually on several different projects. Among 3D animating and gaming, this is usually the most I can cram. But if this page gets more views, I'm happy to put more and more time into this hobby than other hobbies.

If everything goes well, these are some checkpoints I hope to reach in the future:
-Author Talks, a small mini-series of posts I would add each week, usually on a Friday or Saturday. I'm very excited to try this, so I don't need too many views to start it. Basically, I would be writing a small personal post, explaining my thoughts on the posts written that week, while doing Q&As and giving away small behind-the-scenes, easter eggs, and hints on what's to come. Believe it or not, in every one of my stories, there are many hints to my other stories, even subtly giving away spoilers.

-A Patreon. Despite Google Adsense, I feel it unnecessary to put ads on this blog, no matter my popularity in the next few years. I know of a few friends who use Patreon for their art, and it makes me curious if I could ever do something like that in the future. Do note that if I ever did get a Patreon, it would be late, late in the future, if I have hundreds of viewers. I do not wish to beg for money, especially with this page being so young, but it's a thought for something I could do in four years or so.

-Google Forms. At certain points in my stories, I will make Google Forms to ask broad questions about how I'm doing. These will be anywhere from feedback, to opinion, to your guesses on what'll happen next, and just thoughts you have.

Inseparable: Chapter One

That feeling when you’re a kid… When you think all your dreams will become reality. Like you’ll make a difference. Like you’re invincible. But as you age, more people will tell you their truths, their experiences. Tell you over and over to give up. Dreams are for the passionate, for the stubborn. Everyone else just falls into the cracks into normality.
It doesn’t matter which one of us is thinking this. We’re the same person, anyway.
When it happened, all I could do was reminisce the past. Think about the other, while clutching them tightly. Before the end of the world, we looked like we would be those people. The passionate, the stubborn. The person, no, the two, that would change everything.
Our father was an elite soldier. He taught us everything about fighting. How to use the technology given to us, and to protect each other. He told us that in the end, it is truly your strength that will keep you going.
It felt as if our mother was the opposite. She was so light-hearted, and fragile. She showed us beauty, and the mystery that were the spirits. She was a dancer, and a hell of a good one at that. Though it felt strange at first, she taught us her passion for the elegance.
As kids, we seemed like the show-offs. The kids that looked like the best at everything. We earned good marks in school, were the co-captains of the swim team, since no one could agree on which one of us was better. We were writers, dancers, martial arts instructors. We were only twelve. But that’s what this future did to you. You either excelled, or failed.
When we were older, it felt strange. We had to count on each other more, use each other’s strength. Everything got more competitive. We either fell behind, and have to give up, or trump everyone. We didn’t choose to give up.
It seemed we could do anything, but even we couldn’t stop our imminent future.

We weren’t even sure how it happened, but we remember seeing an explosion. The explosion that wiped out everything around us. Everything, but us.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spirits of Taust: Chapter Two

“Myra! Hey, Myra!” Egret’s voice called across the sands. The dark tabby looked up, her dual-colored eyes scanning for him. The grey tomcat finally reached her, breathing slowly, shaking sand out of his short pelt.
“What?” She meowed, slightly impatient.
“…” he looked away, and Myra realized he really didn’t know what to say, “aren’t you going to come back? I’m sure Bastet has some special job for you.”
“You’re the second-in-command, not me,” she snapped quickly, stepping closer. Egret timidly stepped back.
“Yes...well...what are you doing anyway?” Egret pryed.
“Nothing, and I don’t want to tell you about it,” she meowed more calmly, looking away.
“Er...well...aren’t you the antisocial one…” he muttered quietly.
“I’m not anti social, I just don’t want to talk to you,” she leered. The grey cat’s ears fell back a bit, and Myra instantly felt bad, yet she still didn’t say anything.
“I’m gonna head back,” he meowed, turning around.
“Fine- good, actually,” she stuttered a bit, waiting until he was more than a few several feet before continuing a slight patrol. Myra was a loner, but a loyal soldier. She cared about just getting the job done, with no distraction. She felt as if Egret was her opposite. She’d never seen the cat fight, or talk back. Bastet chose him from almost the beginning. It burned at Myra’s pelt more than the sands they lived in, but Myra couldn’t complain. She was the most elite soldier- and Bastet acknowledges her.
Myra blinked back into focus, hearing something. She checked behind her, wondering if Egret had come back to persuade her, but the tomcat was nowhere to be seen. It was coming from the opposite side, near one of the borders. She instinctively unsheathed her claws and ran after it.
Approaching where she thought she heard the noise, she waited as still as possible, hoping to detect movement. At first, there was nothing. Her muscles grew less tense, and she settled down, claws starting to sheath. Perhaps it was just a stray patrol…
Another sound became clear, and Myra heard it as footsteps, and too light to be feline. She hurried down a dune, to where the ground was less sand and more rocky terrain. The footsteps were easier to detect now. She crept low to the ground, and then saw her target. A pale-furred rabbit, fur bristled in an awkward fashion, as if something was troubling her. You’ll have a lot more to worry about when I’m done with you… Her claws slid out and she prepared to pounce.
“You don’t want to do that,” the rabbit said, looking over. Myra stood up, blinking, but remained unsurprised.
“Yea, and why not?” She meowed.
“You’re allied with the foxes, right?” She asked, her voice gruff and low, “my name’s Robinfur...or, just Robin. I’m here to warn you. Furiel, and possibly the entire world we know, is in danger.”

Friday, February 12, 2016

Inseparable: Short Prologue

The door of the large elevator was starting to close. Delta was still hanging from the overhanging beam in the collapsing building. Fire started to spread in the area between the beam and elevator. One jump could mean death- or life. Beta was pounding furiously at the glass from within the elevator.
    “No! I have to stay with my brother!” she yelled, trying to break through the heavy glass.
    “There’s no time. But if you keep being such a pain, we may as well throw you out with him,” the voice behind her spoke.
    “I don’t care! I’d rather die with him than live without him!” The man behind her made a motion with his hand, and two soldiers held her back, and she fought vainly to fend them off. The elevator started to move. Delta was able to jump from the pillar, and made it directly on the glass, but didn’t reach the elevator in time, as it started to descend underground. He pounded helplessly at the roof of the elevator shaft, desperate to be with Beta.
    “You monster! You ignorant murderer! Your solution solves nothing!” Beta screamed, thrusting her arm out of the soldier’s grasp. The dark-haired man turned, giving her a dark, emotionless stare.
    “You got yourself into this. You’re coming with us whether you like it or not. Take her out. The damage will have already be done by the time she gets up,”
    No! Damn you and your Empire!” She managed to yell out before hit with anesthetics.
    Delta saw this happening from above, and then realized there was no hope. He jumped down from the top of the shaft and back around the flames of the burning building. He closed his eyes, letting the world around him embrace.
Just sleep. You’ll get to see your sister one last time...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spirits of Taust: Chapter One

Roofian stumbled through the desert floor, fur already matted with the sand. He huffed irritably, ready to be out of the heat. Once he reached the end of the feline territory, he could reach his next target to plunder; the otters. From what he gained from his spies, they had all sorts of ancient treasures. He continued down, leaving tiny raccoon pawsteps on his trail, which quickly came covered up again as the winds started to blow. He sighed, feeling the gusts blowing him back. While distracted, a figure decided it would be the perfect time to strike.

Out of the blue, Bastet threw herself at Roofian. She easily caught the raccoon with one paw, leaving him to whimper out to the Clouded Leopard. His three guards started forward. Bastet simply cast a green glare at them, and they backed away to where they were.

"B-Bastet!" Roofian squeaked, "what's the meaning of this?"

"Simple," she growled, "you're in my desert." Roofian blinked in confusion.

"B-but, Ba-" he squeaked again as she tightened her grip, "Lady Bastet, we made a truce, remember?"

"Yea, I remember now," she purred, gaze lightening. Roofian exhaled, relaxing. A low growl emitted from the leopard.

"Doesn't mean I'm gonna honor it," she hissed, claws unsheathing. The guards fearfully ran at Bastet, to which Bastet replied with her other paw slamming into the other three, knocking them back.

"Now then, how about you three run along and find another way into otter territory," she smirked.

"How did you know that?" one guard bravely spoke out.

"Oh, honey," she looked over, still bearing the grin, "I find these things out." She let the raccoon leader go, and he scuttled over to the others.

"I'll pay you!" Roofian hollered, "you can have half what I steal!"

"You sicken me," Bastet's smirk was replaced with another growl, "so how about you beat it before I have to kill you; trust me, it would be an easy pleasure." Without protest, the four raccoons ran off. Bastet sighed, and started walking further into her territory, back to her temple. A small grey head poked out behind a dune.
"Bastet!" his slightly high-pitched voice meowed, "that was incredible! How did you know they would be all the way over on this end of the territory?" He ran over to her, bright green eyes sparkling.

"Dear Egret, I just know these things," she gave his light grey fur a quick lick.

"Geez," he looked down as they started to walk together, "how will I ever become like you?"

"You don't need to be just like me to be a good leader," she shrugged, then turning her head to look at him, "you have good qualities that I don't have, anyway."

"You mean it?" he asked.

"Yes," she purred, hopping over a small boulder, Egret scrambling to climb over it. She sat down, waiting for him. "Besides, I don't plan on ever dying, so, maybe you won't have to worry about it."

"Even you aren't immortal, Bastet," Egret chuckled, hopping down from the boulder towards her. The two continued, and Bastet could see the temple in the distance, and make out two tabbies guarding the entrance.

"So...anyways," Egret started to mumble,"what was that about? He was right; you guys did make that truce. I've...been meaning to ask you this for awhile now, actually; what do you fight for, Bastet?"

Bastet gave him a weird look, and he shrunk down a bit. As if she forgot he asked her a question, she ran forwards a bit, reaching the temple, Egret hurrying after.

"Greetings, Bastet!" one of the tabbies bowed their head when they saw the giant feline. They turned to Egret as well, and purred in hello.

"Greetings, Mia," Bastet meowed, "where are the agents currently?"

"They've returned from their previous mission while you were gone. Nothing usual, they reported. Myra, however, didn't return."

"Myra?" Bastet repeated, thinking of the brown tabby with the dual-colored eyes.

"Indeed," the other guard poked in, "she ran off again."

Egret cocked his head, "why would she do that?"

Bastet shrugged it off, "she's one of my best; I tend not to get worried over her. I trust she knows what she's doing."

"If you insist..." the guard mumbled. Bastet gave a curt nod and walked inside, Egret following. Egret watched Bastet as they walked, admiring the godmark. Would he get that when he became leader? He knew it was a sign of approval from the gods to get the godmark. Only leaders were given them. A fluffy white shecat passed by Egret, giving a small smile as she walked. Egret awkwardly smiled back.

"Now then," Bastet said, "what do you want to work on?" She laid down on a cushion.

"I think we should try to plan the next temple," Egret meowed, "we could use a new training ground as well." Bastet nodded. She flicked her ear, and looked over at a window. Narrowing her eyes, she could see the small figure of Myra, heading over the dunes. Bastet purred in amusement; Myra was always the adventurer. It made sense to deem her an agent; the highest rank of soldier below Egret and then herself.

"Bastet?" Egret meowed. Bastet snapped her focus back at Egret, who was staring blankly at her.

"Sorry, go on," Bastet meowed, lying back down.

"Okay, great!" he smiled, tail flicking in pride, and continued discussing.